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Το Σπίιτι στο Κεραμωτό
Το Σπίιτι στο Κεραμωτό
Το Σπίτι Στα Δόκανα


We first set foot on Kythira island in 1986 and we simply loved the place, the people, the flowers and the distinguishing odours of the seasons. We wanted to build a quiet place for us but we finally realized our friends were more than we could accommodate in our house.

In 1989 we bought the beautiful old building which we called The House in Dokana and turned it into three self accommodating apartments.

In 2000 we built, in the yard of our house in Keramoto, a new building, The House in Keramoto, with four two-rooms apartments.

Our involvement in the tourist sector is purely coincidental but it is a fact.


My architect husband who dragged me in this part of Greece loved the island’s architecture: austerely frugal using all elements and materials available in nature entangled in the most inspiring and functional manner.

In The House in Dokana we preserved every piece of stone, wood and metal that was found in the old building. Even at the expense of exploitable space, we maintained the old bakery house, the arches the big fire place, the stone yard and stone stairs.

The House in Keramoto  is a typical two-storeyed house built on the dominating principles of Kytherian architecture (austere frugality, stone walls, arches, double external  stone-built stairway, in the colour of yellow ochre).


The Houses have been built to be for every traveler the vacation hut he would like to have but without the fuss that goes with it.

Design and function are guided by all ecological means available ( like, rainwater collected on the roof, ceiling fans instead of airconditionners,  cross ventilation, low energy bulbs). The trip to Kythira is for us a trip in time; in previous decades.

In our Houses, you will not find a TV set, or a swimming pool or Jacuzzi or a set playing ground. You will enjoy a quiet, comfortable and well cared accommodation and your children will have plenty of land to create their own playing ground.


The House In Keramoto

The House in Keramoto consists of four independent two-room apartments, two at each floor, of an area of approximately 45m2 each.


The House In Dokana

Hidden away from the main road, the two storey  House (circa 1840) renovated in 1989/1990 maintaining all architectural elements intact (barrel vaults, bakery house, existing stones and niches).




Το σπίτι στα Δόκανα

Το Σπίτι στα Δόκανα αποτελείται από τρία ΜΟΝΟΧΩΡΑ διαμερίσματα: το Ανώγι στον όροφο και δύο παράλληλες Καμάρες (βόλτα) στο ισόγειο.


The Island

Kythira is a uniquely beautiful island at the crossroads of three seas: Ionian, Myrtoon, Aegean. It is the seventeenth biggest island of Greece and belongs geographically to the Ionian Islands and administratively to Piraeus Prefecture. It has a surface of 280 and the coastline extents to 52 km.

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